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Titles that describe me fairly: cat worshipper, shower singer, Ikea fan and Japanese animation sommelière.

I am passionate about good stories and I try to find or forge them anywhere. I enjoy writing in my free time and I am fortunate enough to have worked as an Illustrator and Concept Artist for video games, after a long and eclectic career in social media management, digital marketing, UX and UI design for mobile apps and frontend web design.

At a professional level, I intend to keep growing both as a Front-End developer and an UX/UI designer, and keep drawing as much as possible. I would also like to keep improving in animation and 3D modelling, if I get the chance. At a personal level, I intend to share my love and time with my four cats and my little person project, travel more and prove to myself that I can write another novel.


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For as long as I can remember I've been drawing and sketching on my own. During my latest university years I got a Master Degree in Artistic Production, and in 3D Modelling and Animation. What I enjoy most is Concept Art, specially character design. Lately I scored a job as Illustrator and for the last year I have focused myself in 2D vector illustration, aimed for mobile games, acting as Space Nation's Game Lead Artist.
I made my first website when I was eight, using Frontpage and since then I've never left HTML aside. I believe my strongest point is CSS (SCSS) and responsive layouts. I often work with content management systems (Wordpress, Prestashop and even a bit of Magnolia), but I also have my share of experience building websites from scratch and using frameworks like Boostrap, Vue.js and Nuxt.
While working in software consulting I learned to provide intuitive and accessible interface designs for native mobile applications, often linked to the field of medical diagnosis. I can follow the production process of an application, from the initial concept and the navigation tree, all the way to asset exportation and design quality controls.

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